Major Update to the Multifamily Minute!

Billing changes are on the way!

Hello dear readers!

These have been trying times for many of us, and our team is well aware of some of the difficulties surrounding the transitions and changes that have had to be made after such a radically… unique… period that will no doubt grace many a history book for decades to come.

We have all had time to reflect on many things, and over the course of our meditations, our team has decided that moving forward, the Multifamily Minute will live on as a FREE newsletter for all, with no more restrictions and locked content.

For our free followers, this means finally getting access to the real juicy tidbits and podcasts from our archives and well into the future. For our paying subscribers, nothing changes for you… except the part where you have to pay us (although we wouldn’t stop you if you still wanted to). To that regard, annual plan subscribers will receive a prorated refund, while monthly paying subscribers will simply stop receiving a bill moving forward.

We thank you all for being a part of our journey, and promise to keep providing you with the highest quality multifamily insights, news, and information you’ve come to expect from our brand… For free!


-The Multifamily Minute Team