Austin may hold your next big investment. Also, Carter Multifamily scores a $300+ Refi package, a look at the pros and cons of apartment ownership, and an introduction to small balance loan options.
Also, deep dives into both the historic and new market tax credit programs, and a deep dive into common loan documentation every investor should be able…
Also, the latest from the U.S. Treasury, a quick refresher and helpful tool for the calculation of an asset's capitalization rate, and a deep dive into…
How does unaffordability in the Bay Area impact investment? Want to know more about LEED certification for apartment buildings?
Investors are flocking to Georgia's capital — find out why. Also, do you understand how prepayment penalties work for your multifamily loan?
Check out or list to see who made the cut. Also, find out three best practices for structuring your joint venture, and what property amenities offer the…
Also, looking to convert a hotel to apartments? Curious how New York City's multifamily market is doing? Read on for the latest.
Also, find out the pros and cons of getting into multifamily investment. Additionally, need some summer reading? We've got you covered.
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