Freddie Mac Optigo - A Breakdown

What is Optigo?

We’ve been hearing the term more and more recently from the folks over at Freddie mac, but what exactly is Freddie Mac Optigo?

Freddie Mac’s goal of establishing their commitment to optimal solutions and going the extra mile for its customers comes to life through Optigo. Optigo is the latest designation for the multifamily housing giant’s suite of multifamily loan offerings and its dedicated seller/servicer network. The name “Optigo” comes from the Freddie Mac multifamily ethos of providing customers with “optimal solutions” and “going further to meet their needs”. 

Creating the Optigo designation also helps the company better delineate between the multifamily financing branch and Freddie Mac’s broader business operations. Freddie Mac Optigo holds the mission statement of expanding affordable rental housing for all Americans while building a better multifamily finance system. In an effort to accomplish this goal and “champion a better housing finance system”, Freddie Mac tends to fund units that are affordable for moderate to low-income renters as a general preference and transfer the majority of risk to private investors.

The Optigo network exists primarily to build a better future for the affordable rental housing market, for borrowers, lenders, investors, and renters most of all. Through a dedicated team of multifamily housing researchers, the network is able to have a limitless pool of fresh insights and a deeper understanding of current and past nuances in the affordable housing market. These insights help the members of the lender/servicer network become more flexible in understanding the needs of borrowers and investors and lead to more flexible and better suited multifamily apartment financing for all. 

Having a strong foundation built on up to the second industry insights only accounts for a portion of Optigo’s success. Without the vetted and approved network of Optigo lenders and servicers that truly strive to meet the needs of each unique borrowing entity on a case by case basis, they would definitely fall short of their goal. Add to that the suite of innovative loan products that cover acquisitions, refinances, and even rehabilitation of multifamily properties, and Freddie Mac’s Optigo network truly stands out as an industry leader.