Did You Catch Blake Janover on the Origination Podcast with Mordecai Rosenberg?

Episode 11 of Origination features a guest appearance by the Janover.Ventures CEO himself, discussing thoughts on fintech and multifamily loan origination.

On a very special episode (well, to me, anyway) of the Origination podcast, host Mordecai Rosenberg invited the CEO of the Janover.Ventures brand of digital media assets, Blake Janover, to discuss everything from his experiences and journey through the fintech and multifamily financing spaces to some of his favorite reads. Join them as they talk about empathetic technology, lead generation in multifamily, and the origins of Blake’s second (he is a father, after all) proudest creation: Multifamily.loans.

Mordecai Rosenberg’s “Origination” podcast first aired in May of this year, with each episode featuring an interview with a top loan originator or industry figure from the multifamily and commercial real estate industry.

Catch Episode 11 of Origination featuring Blake Janover: